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Wally Scot Bursary

January 11, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of Niagara College and the students who will benefit from your thoughtfulness, I want to the thank the Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario for its donation to provide support to Curtis Dracz through the Wally Scott Bursary in the amount of $2,500.

Please be assured that your gift is a vote of confidence in the work the College is doing to prepare our students for successful and productive careers.

Helena Armstrong
Administrative Assistant

Cc: Anne Marie Lallouet, Accounting

December 2, 2005

Hello Board of Directors,

I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate to the Foundation how much their generosity through the Wally Scott Bursary has benefited me.

It is important that the Foundation knows how I have used the bursary funds. The money has allowed me the opportunity to not only pursue my Physical Education degree at Brock University, but also to continue the things that I have found so important to my life. Most important to me is my continued involvement with the OMHA.

I am the Head Coach of the Atom Select team in Jordan, Ontario. (Jordan is a small town outside of St. Catharines). With all the change and transition that takes place in leaving my hometown (pop. 600) and moving to Brock Univeristy (student pop. 12000, not to mention the City of St. Catharines), hockey has been one of my mainstays. When I go to the arena I have the chance to give back to the OMHA and to build our future. At no other time in my week do I feel as alive and happy as I do when I am working with kids as dedicated as those that I had the privilege of selecting to my team. I have confidence that they will grow up with a love of the game that is so often missing today.

In September I took the Intermediate coaching course in Clarington and passed with flying colours.

This involvement in minor hockey is a privilege that I would have missed out on had it not been for the support of the Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario. Without your support, I would have been working part-time in some grocery store or something and missing out on the chance to make a difference and have a lot of fun.

Once again, I thank you for your support. If I can be of assistance in endeavours of either the OMHA or MHF, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mark Brown
2002 Wally Scott Bursary Co-recipient

Let's Learn Hockey Program

My biggest thrill was seeing a child skate backwards for the first time after only a few hours on the ice!
- Cindy Bower, Professional Power Skater and daughter of Hall of Famer Johnny Bower

Without a doubt that was one amazing event. I cannot thank you enough for inviting our IP Instructors; myself included taking part in such a rewarding experience. The smiles, the laughter, the kids, the parents and everything about the day has left a unbelievable feeling in me and our volunteers that will last a life time. This event was truly “priceless!!!!” to coin a phrase. The OMHA once again, with the MHF have presented a class event that I’m sure will be remembered by the participants, families, Big Brothers & Sisters and all who had the opportunity take part.
- Dennis Norton, OMHA Development Instructor and minor hockey volunteer for 25 years

Our foster son attended your clinic today. I cried more than a few times today because the day was special for him (who only a year and a half ago had to scavenge for food from garbage cans and didn't have a bed to sleep in). He loved the attention that all of your volunteers paid to him encouraging him to risk and try new skating techniques.

All the way home he talked excitedly about Shreddies breakfast, the Maple Lodge Lunch and all of the equipment that was donated by your sponsors including Canadian Tire. He learned to skate backwards today and is very excited at the prospect of playing on a "real " hockey team. Without the assistance of the MHF, your sponsors and all of your caring volunteers - this day wouldn't have been a reality for him. Thanks to your organization, hockey in the fall will also be a reality for him. I really appreciated volunteers showing me how to help him to put on the gear.

It was clear to me that [the participant] felt special and loved today because others cared enough to take an extra interest in him. He is a gifted athlete and now feels that others also see that in him.

On behalf of [the participant] and the other 32 athletes, please pass on my families heartfelt appreciation.

Theresa Fraser
Carpe Diem Therapeutic Treatment Foster Homes