About the Let's Learn Hockey Program

Hockey teaches positive life skills and builds friendshipsEach year, minor hockey associations across the OMHA support numerous charities and charitable foundations. Thousands of dollars are generated and many causes and programs benefit from this support.

In 2000 the Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario (MHF) was created to support minor hockey players in the Province of Ontario. This document will focus on the Letís Learn Hockey Program portion of the Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario.

The Letís Learn Hockey Program provides children who are currently experiencing difficulty raising enough funds to participate in the game of ice hockey.

  • Obtain new or upgraded equipment
  • Participate in a one-day hockey Orientation Camp
  • Receive financial assistance towards their minor hockey registration fee for the season immediately following the date of the one-day Letís Learn Hockey Program orientation event.

The plan of the program is to move the event to a different location in the province each year.

Past LLHP events included participants from the Childrenís Aid Society, Big Brotherís and Big Sisterís and residents of areas governed by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL), Alliance Hockey and the Ontario Womenís Hockey Association (OWHA).

The Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario is grateful to the government of Ontario for its generous financial support of our Let's Learn Hockey Program.


The Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario Board reviews all applications and a member of the Board contacts the applicant to confirm whether their request will be approved. Applications are not guaranteed spots in this program. All applicants must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The scope of each LLHP event is based on the level of available funds received through donations and corporate sponsorship. Currently, the Foundation will receive applications from male and female children aged seven (7) to eleven (11) years who have never participated or whose participation was very limited in any level of organized hockey.
  2. Multiple applications from one household will be considered, however, there is no guarantee all applications of the household will be accepted.

How to Apply

  1. All applications must be submitted to the MHF by no later than March 10th of the event year. The MHF Board will review each application and will contact the successful applicants by mail prior to April 10th of the event year. The above dates are based on a number of variables including the availability of a venue and location restrictions. The Foundation will always attempt to give applicants as much notification time as possible to facilitate travel arrangements and personal schedules.
  2. There will be a maximum of thirty-six (36) players accepted into this one-day program on behalf of the MHF. Additional players may be accepted should, in the discretion of the MHF Board, MHF finances and sponsorship warrant.
  3. 3. The MHF will pick the applicants at random. There is no guarantee of acceptance.

Please send complete applications to the following address:

Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario
Attn: Letís Learn Hockey Program
25 Brodie Drive, Unit 3 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K7
E-mail: [email protected]

Registration and Subsidy

Participant Expenses
There is no fee to participate in the program. However, travel to the Orientation Camp will be at the participantís own expense. Hockey equipment, breakfast and lunch will be provided to each participant at the Orientation Camp.

The MHF will provide a one-time financial subsidy to each LLHP participant towards minor hockey registration fees for the hockey season that immediately follows the event. If a participant is unsure of their minor hockey affiliation, an MHF representative will be available for assistance. Each participant will be provided a letter from the MHF indicating his or her participation in the program.

The MHF will provide a one-time subsidy to each LLHP participant up to a maximum of $500.00 towards minor hockey registration fees for the hockey season that immediately follows the event. A cheque will be issued directly to the applicantís determined minor hockey association.

After the Orientation Camp, an MHF representative will be in contact with all participants and assist in determining the hockey association responsible for registration in their individual areas. The affiliated minor hockey association will also be contacted by the MHF to inform them of the participant(s).


Equipment will be sized by each individual based on a standard sizing chart provided by the MHF. Applicants who currently have sufficient equipment will not be allowed to request equipment for any future season.

Participants may only apply for either defensemen or forwardís equipment. In the case of goaltenders, the Foundation will cover skates, pants, jock, helmet with cage and stick. On the day of the event, the MHF will loan the participant goaltender goalie pads, gloves, belly pad, etc., but the equipment must be returned at the end of the event. Most hockey associations that operate house league programs usually provide goalie pads to be used in competition at the local level.

Each applicant must participate with their designated minor hockey association for the current season or surrender the equipment back to the MHF.


During the Orientation Camp, all participants will have insurance coverage. Insurance coverage for participation in the LLHP Orientation Camp will be the responsibility of the MHF. Travel to and from the event will be at the parent, guardian or chaperoneís own risk and personal expense.

Cancellation and Privacy

The MHF reserves the right to cancel or postpone this event up to two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled date. Registered participants will be informed of the cancellation or postponement by phone or courier.

The MHF is committed to comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

In this regard, the MHF will protect the privacy and security of all personal information disclosed to or collected or used by the MHF for the purposes of running its ďLetís Learn Hockey ProgramĒ.

The MHF follows the ten (10) Canadian Standards Association principles identified in the federal PIPEDA.

Each participant will have the option to ďOPT OUTĒ in regard to the use of his or her personal information and image for the promotion of the LLHP.

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Sizing Chart

Date: April 25, 2009
Where: Georgetown Ė Mold-Masters Sportsplex